Mr. Uttam Debnath

Chairman Message


Education is our property. The word ‘Education’ is like a diamond which appears to be of a different color when seen from different angles. It as basic to civilization, to social survival, as reproduction and nutrition is essential to biological evolution. Professional education is a master key to life's vocation. "Right to education", is a strategic initiative, the state made for its citizens to ensure that every student of the nation could seek education as a matter of right. In this context RCSM has been running. Rashtriya computer Saksharta Mission is a promising institution offering a full-fledged education on computer along with job assurance.


Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation. So RASHTRIYA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION (RCSM) India's intention to obtain the power of the digital society and knowledge-based economy in the world is being transformed into the first row. Computer education to every citizen of India to reach and by providing computer education to students of any conventional system that crosses traditional way of life by providing job-oriented education as well as knowledge-based society to be included in India Smart Digital, and


I assure you that the RCSM removes all the fears about Education from your life.


With Best Regards,

Uttam Debnath Chairman of RCSM